High Tea Elegance at Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel

A Journey of Tradition and Modern Celebrations

Since its establishment, nestled in the heart of Durbanville, Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel has been a beacon of hospitality, luxury, and unbridled celebration. The establishment, with its iconic elegance and charm, has long played host to a delightful array of events. One such service that stands out, a timeless classic, is the experience of High Tea. It's more than a simple feast; it's an event steeped in history and wrapped in the artistry of celebration.

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A Nostalgic Journey Down the High Tea Lane

Historically, the tradition of high tea dates back to the mid-18th century in England. The Duchess of Bedford is often credited for the inception of this tradition, which started as an afternoon meal to curb the long hours between lunch and dinner. This private affair soon took on a more social aspect, evolving into an elegant event by the end of the Victorian era.

During this time, the term "high tea" referred to the height of the tables where the meal was served — typically, high, dining tables as opposed to the lower tables of an afternoon tea. It consisted of a hearty meal, including meats, bread, cakes, and of course, tea, served in the early evening.

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High Tea, A Modern Perspective on an Old Tradition

Fast forward to today, the concept of high tea has taken on a somewhat different meaning, especially in countries outside of the UK. The modern high tea is less about filling the hunger gap and more about indulging in a delightful spread of sweet and savoury delights, alongside a fine selection of tea and even sparkling wine. It's a celebratory experience, often associated with special occasions, making it a fashionable and sophisticated event.

Christmas Afternoon Tea With Turkey And Cranberry Sandwiches, Crayfish Cocktails, Salmon Bilinis, Mince Pies, Cupcakes And Macaroons

An Unforgettable High Tea Experience at Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel

At Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel, we have taken this tradition and woven it into an experience that caters to the desires and preferences of the modern palate. Here, our guests can enjoy an array of exquisite food and beverages set within our beautifully adorned spaces.

Whether it's the lavish spread of delicately crafted finger sandwiches, an assortment of fine pastries, or the pièce de résistance, the freshly baked scones served with a luxurious selection of jams and clotted cream, each dish is created with precision and creativity by our expert chef.

Our selection of teas includes classic options like Earl Grey and Darjeeling, as well as a variety of herbal, fruit, and specialty blends. For those seeking a bubbly twist, a glass or two of sparkling wine adds an extra layer of luxury to the occasion.

Typical English Afternoon Tea.

Tailoring the High Tea Experience

But, we don't stop at just tradition. At Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel, we understand that every event is unique, just like our guests. As such, we offer bespoke services to cater to different themes, occasions, and food preferences.

Planning a baby shower, a bridal party, a birthday, or just a delightful afternoon with friends? We've got you covered. From the overall theme, table decorations, menu choices, to dietary requirements, our dedicated team will work with you to ensure every detail is tailored to your preference.

Gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian high tea? We pride ourselves on our adaptability to cater to all dietary needs while not compromising on taste or presentation.

Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel: Your Destination for High Tea

High tea at Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel is more than an event - it's a journey. A journey steeped in tradition yet bold enough to embrace modern tastes. It's a celebration of life's milestones, big and small, enjoyed over a cup of tea and a table filled with delectable treats.

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