Meet Our Talented Chef, Mel, at Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel

Meet Our Chef

Melitsa Joubert

At Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel, we take immense pride in providing a truly exceptional culinary experience to our guests. Our secret ingredient? Our remarkable and highly skilled Chef, Mel, who brings a world of flavours to your plate. We would like to introduce you to the creative mind behind our delectable dishes. Join us as we delve into Mel’s culinary journey and learn about the passion, expertise, and inspiration that goes into every dish!

My name is Melitsa Joubert but I'm mostly referred to as Chef Mel.

Our Chef Mel at Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel, is not just a culinary expert, but an artist who paints with flavours, creating exquisite masterpieces on your plate. We hope you enjoyed getting to know our Chef and the passion she brings to every meal served at our home from home 5 star experience. Join us soon to savour her extraordinary creations and experience the artistry of fine dining in the heart of this Durbanville. Bon appétit!

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