Our Boutique Hotel Goes Solar Amid South Africa’s Load Shedding Crisis

Cape Pillars

Powered for Your Convenience

In the ever-evolving landscape of South Africa's energy demands and ongoing load shedding dilemmas, we at Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel are elated to announce a game-changing initiative that ensures uninterrupted comfort and service. Recognizing the impact of power shortages on your stay—whether it's a business conference or a well-deserved getaway—we have taken a monumental leap toward sustainability by installing a state-of-the-art solar power system.

A Seamless Transition to Renewable Energy

Our newly integrated solar power system has the capacity to fully meet the electricity needs of the entire property, without compromising on the high standards of luxury and comfort you've come to expect. From our opulent conference facilities to the simple pleasures of using a hairdryer, we guarantee uninterrupted electrical supply.

Business as Usual, Even When the Grid Fails

With our robust solar power infrastructure, business travellers no longer have to fret about power shortages disrupting crucial meetings, presentations, or conference calls. Our conference facilities are now equipped to function at full capacity, irrespective of the state of the national power grid.

Uninterrupted Leisure and Luxury

For those looking for a leisurely escape, gone are the days of uncertainty about whether you'll be able to fully experience all the amenities. Whether it’s movie on your TV or simply ensuring your devices are charged for capturing those memorable moments, we've got you covered. Rest assured; you'll always have the power to enjoy life's little luxuries at Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel.

A Commitment to Sustainability

By embracing renewable energy, we're not only providing a better guest experience but also making a positive environmental impact. Solar power is clean, renewable, and lessens our carbon footprint, aligning with our ongoing commitment to sustainability and responsible luxury.

No More Power Play

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of power cuts and hello to an oasis of uninterrupted luxury. As a guest at Cape Pillars Boutique Hotel, you can finally focus solely on what truly matters—experiencing the best that South Africa has to offer in a setting defined by elegance, comfort, and now, reliability.

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